SpringBoard MicroCredit
To become the leading provider of financial solutions to small scale enterprises in Uganda
Micro-Credit for growth.
Passionate regarding the individuals who have long been excluded from access to financial markets at the bottom of society
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It is our business to support your business.
With over two decades of experience, SpringBoard aims to support micro-entrepreneurs who we feel are essential to socio-economic transformation.

About the company

SpringBoard Micro Credit Ltd was founded out of the passion for the majority at the bottom of the pyramid who for a long time have been excluded from accessing formal services by regulated financial ser​​vice providers such as banks, credit institutions and Micro Finance entities.

We Add Value

Our Vision
To become a leading provider of Financial solutions to Small scale en​terprises in Uganda.


Declaration of Intent


To become the leading provider of financial solutions to small scale enterprises in Uganda


To design and deliver financial solutions to small scale entrepreneurs on a sustainable basis

Strategic Objectives

  1. Build an institution that is responsive to socio-economic financial needs of the Economically active excluded sectors of society
  2. Empower customers with financial literacy for sustained consumption of financial services
  3. Adopt Technology based services for real time financial values to customers
  4. Nurture and instill a culture among the work-force to be ready to serve beyond mere act of duty


We provide small loans to low-income b​usiness o​wners


Individual Loans

This product is availed to resident nationals and offers flexible weekly repayment schedules. Clients are required to present a credible guarantor and sufficient collateral to secure the loan
amount requested and in addition present a bankable business plan.

Please refer to your loan officer for details.


20 Week Loan

This is a low cost and relatively affordable product for small running businesses requiring minimum investment amount to the tune of UGX 300,000/=. This product has a maximum repayment period of 20 Weeks; however, weekly and/or agreed shorter repayment schedule are acceptable. Group guarantee is a key option to securing the loan in addition to presentation of appropriate security/ collateral


30 Week Loans

This product is in the nature similar to the 20 week loan product except that its for a minimum investment amount of UGX 900,000/= repayable in 30 weeks duration. It further necessitates presentation of a credible guarantor and appropriate security/ collateral.
Please refer to your loan officer for details. 

Our Team

SpringBoard Professional Team are motivated by compassion and dignity, as well as a desire to make a difference in the community.

Mr. Frederick .S. Wasike

Managing Director

Mr. Stephen Masai

General Manager Operations

Ms. Winnie Nakanyike

Loans Officer

Ms. Jastine Nabulobi

Loans Officer

What Our Clients Say?

SpringBoard Micro-Credit was so helpful . The team helped me with a loan. I had a problem with little funds when buying seeds for sowing, but they took care of it right away.
Business Lady
SpringBoard Micro-Credit was extremely beneficial. The team assisted me in obtaining a loan.When I needed to stock up on supplies and move them to my shop.
SpringBoard Micro-Credit was extremely beneficial. I had a challenge with capital to finance my business.
Business Lady

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Plot no. 353, Kamuli Road, Kireka
P.O.Box 35699, Kampala, UGANDA

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