SpringBoard MicroCredit

Is driven by a vision to become the leading provider of financial solutions to small scale enterprises in Uganda. With over two decades of experience, SpringBoard aims to support micro-entrepreneurs who we feel are essential to socio-economic transformation.

Our Mission

To Design and deliver financial solutions to Small scale entrepreneurs on a sustainable basis


To become the leading provider of financial solutions to small scale enterprises in Uganda

Strategic Goal

Growth of up-take of Financial services among the small and Micro segment in our areas of operation

Spring Board Micro Credit

SpringBoard Micro Credit Ltd was founded out of the passion for the majority at the bottom of the pyramid who for a long time have been excluded from accessing formal services by regulated financial ser​​vice providers such as banks, credit institutions and Micro Finance entities.


Strategic Objectives

  1. Build an institution that is responsive to socio-economic financial needs of the Economically active excluded sectors of society
  2. Empower customers with financial literacy for sustained consumption of financial services
  3. Adopt Technology based services for real time financial values to customers
  4. Nurture and instill a culture among the work-force to be ready to serve beyond mere act of duty

We are rooted in the idea of values and culture and believe in integrity, professional competence, dignity, innovative thinking, and speed. Our values distinguish us and aide us in realizing our goal of assisting businesses and people in achieving their dreams

About Us

This desire developed over two decades of hands on experience in the financial services sector. It was always clear that most players usually stampede to compete for the few SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) available. It is a fact that the majority of the financially excluded population in Uganda, and Africa at large fall under the Small and Micro sector. 

SpringBoard aspires to support these micro entrepreneurs whom we believe hold the key for socio-economic transformation of both the peri-urban and rural economies of our countries. The majority poor will always aspire to improve their lot by initiating micro enterprises within their localities. By offering them a service, we offer the much needed financial literacy sensitization, albeit informally, to help hand-walk them in overcoming the storms that are rife among such entities. 

This environment is not helped by high degree of poverty index in Uganda which ranged between 92.50% in 2005 and 87.8% in 2016. By early 2020, the poverty Head count ratio stood at 21.4%. We are an entity passionate to make a difference from the rest of the pack, through preparing the potential recipients of our services prior to actual disbursement of credit facilities.​  

Our Values

Customer Oriented




Getting Financial help Became Easier

Asking for support of some sort necessitates vulnerability, and it can be particularly difficult when it comes to understanding how to apply for financial assistance.

When you’ve hit a rough patch, nevertheless, reaching out for help from others will help you get back on track to financial stability. We assist you in overcoming your fears and shame so that you can obtain the financial assistance you need.

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